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Workplace Bullying & Harassment

Bullying and harassment goes on every day in the workplace at every level and in various different ways. All employers and employees should adhere to employment law but if they don't, there are grounds for seeking legal help. Employment lawyers handle a wide range of areas, including disability discrimination, age discrimination, sex discrimination and race discrimination, and also constructive dismisal. This is when you have been forced to leave your job because of the way you have been treated. Harassment comes in all shapes and forms, and no employee or employer should suffer in silence.

Many people hate their job, and quite often it is because they are being bullied in the workplace. Whilst they might not think of it as bullying, if they are being discriminated against by their fellow employees, colleagues or managers, then they are being bullied. Whilst we can help to try to change people's situations, often the situation gets so bad that employees feel that they have no choice left but to quit their job. Employers can leave themselves open to legal action if this is the case - see here for information on employment law - so businesses need to put in place policies and procedures to prevent workplace bullying. If you are unsure of what to do, seek professional HR or legal help, as spending out a small amount at the beginning can make your workplace a much happier place to be for everyone, and could save you the cost and publicity of a tribunal or court case further down the line. 




Welcome to the Action against Bullying website. It is vital to educate children to understand that they have the ability to change the agenda of bullies through the words they use.

The last thing that a child should do is react by telling the bully that they are stupid or with another negative statement.

Negative responses are only going to inflame the situation and encourage more bullying. There are a number of different techniques children can use to defuse the situation. Why not get in touch with our Action against Bullying team to learn more.

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