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Welcome to the Action against Bullying website. We offer guidance and support for victims of bullying, as well as advice for parents. Child bullying is a major problem in schools today. Bullies typically prey on weak children who are unable to stand up for themselves. Bullying occurs in every school. Your own child might be a victim of bullying - you might not be aware of it, but they could be suffering in silence. The biggest difference between modern child bullying and that of the past is in the form of the bullying and the violence that often comes with it. Cyber-bullying is a new and destructive form of bullying that is increasing in incidence. More children today are also bringing weapons to school in order to seek revenge on others.

Child bullying has always existed and probably always will. Yet the answer to the question of child bullying lies within us all, and particularly within the victims of bullying. Those who are bullied are not responsible for being bullied, but actually have the power to think and react in ways that can limit or even stop the bullying altogether. As a society we focus a lot of our time and energy punishing bullies, but we fail to give equal focus to the empowerment of victims. We need to spend more of our time on things that can be controlled rather than things that cannot. We ought to teach young children about the ability and power they already possess. As a parent, it is your responsibility to see to it that your child is able to deal with the situation. If you are interested in taking Action against Bullying, feel free to contact us.

Anti Bullying Guidelines and Policy

Welcome to the Action against Bullying website. It is vital to educate children to understand that they have the ability to change the agenda of bullies through the words they use.

The last thing that a child should do is react by telling the bully that they are stupid or with another negative statement.

Negative responses are only going to inflame the situation and encourage more bullying. There are a number of different techniques children can use to defuse the situation. Why not get in touch with our Action against Bullying team to learn more.

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